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Car Flame Defender

Car Flame Defender

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Car Flame Defender

Say goodbye to burning hot dashboards after a long sunny day. Say hello to our sun protecting Car Flame Defender! The Car Flame Defender insures that your cars interior stays cool and safe from the sun. Never feel that irritating skin burning experience ever again! 

Why Get Yours?

-High Quality Material: The Car Flame Defender is designed for keeping your car cool and sun free! We used the highest quality of materials to insure it is long lasting and reusable

-Easy to use: With a simple push of a button you can now use your Car Flame Defender. You easily pull your Sun Visors down and now your Car Flame Defender is in place blocking the sun.

-Small & Compact: When you are ready to go you simply push a button and close your Car Flame Defender. You place it in your stylish case and put it in your cars door pockets. Easy and fast to place or put away.

Keep your car cool and safe from the sun! Never experience that irritating burning sensation ever again. Don't miss out on your Car Flame Defender - Get Yours Now!

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