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Pup Defender

Pup Defender

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Pup Defender

Our Pup Defender is designed to keep your car clean and tidy no matter the conditions! No need to worry about keeping your car clean ever again! Let us do the work for you and we'll let you sit back and relax!

Why Get Yours?

Effective: Our Pup defender will keep your car cleangood looking and still keep your pet comfortable! Our Pup Defender lets nothing go through. Keep clean and fresh like never before.

Easy to use: By just simply placing it over your seats they are now safe from any dirt! Keep your seats nice and clean and keep your pets nice and happy

Easy to Clean: Our Pup Defender is easily cleaned. By just simply placing it in the washing machine your Pup Defender is clean and new looking once again! 

Say goodbye to dirt old looking seats and say hello to our dirt proof Pup Defender! Never worry about getting your car dirty ever again! - Get Yours Now!

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