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Super Soaker

Super Soaker

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Super Soaker

The Super Soaker is the perfect toy for this Summer! The Super Soaker is designed for pure performance. Show Your friends who's boss at an epic water fight or battle this Summer! The Super Soaker dominates your opponents anytime anywhere.
Why Get Yours?
Easy to use: With an easy trigger pull you are now dominating your friends and family in a water fight. The Super Soaker is easy to use. All ages can use and have fun with it! With a water distance capable of reaching up to 30ft no one is safe this Summer!

Performance & Power: 
The Super Soaker is designed for pure performance and power. There's no letting your opponent run away this time! Catch all your friends and win any water fight or battle with your Super Soaker.
Design: The Super Soaker is made so you can carry it around from place to place and still be No.1 in any water fight or Battle. 
Get the best toy for this Summer here! Challenge your friends to an unforgettable water fight with your Super Soaker ! Get Yours Now!
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